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Butterfly Story & Creating a Butterfly Bottle 

© Clonown N.S. Schools Integration Project NO 22

Two children were outside Clonown N.S. They saw a White butterfly come into the garden. It was looking for a good spot to lay its eggs. It was sniffing around with its     feelers. It landed on the nasturtiums. ‘This is a good spot. My eggs will turn into caterpillars and they will eat nasturtiums.’’(Caterpillars usually only eat one type of plant)

A few days later Shane was looking at the nasturtium leaves.  Caterpillars were eating the leaves and eating and eating and eating.  He tried to see the caterpillars12 tiny eyes but they were very small.  The caterpillar was holding on to the leaves with its front 3 pairs of legs.

It was climbing up stalks with its back 5 pairs of legs.

Some children got some leaves with caterpillars on them. They brought them into the classroom. The teacher made a butterfly bottle. The teacher got a plastic bottle, scissors, glue and gauze. She cut holes in the bottle and covered the holes with gauze.


The teacher cut the bottom off the bottle and put it sitting in a flowerpot of sand. The infants put the caterpillars inside. The class brought the caterpillars fresh leaves everyday. They brought them nasturtiums leaves because they were caterpillars of the white butterfly.

One morning when the children came to school they were looking for the caterpillar.   One of them spotted it dangling from the bottle. It looked very weird. Its skin had hardened and it was not hairy any more. It looked like a reptile.  It was lying very still.   The children realised that it had changed into a pupa and was waiting to turn into a butterfly in the spring.


When we went inside more butterflies arrived.

This is a picture of a red admiral and tortoiseshell. They are sipping nectar from the Michaelmas daisies.



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