Carraiganass Castle

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                                                Carraiganass Castle

Only twelve  foot of the northern wall and a portion of the southern wall stand today. Its walls are still sturdy and strong.There are also remains of four corner defence positions.



Carraiganass Castle is situated on the Ouvane river .It was built in the 1540s by Dermot O Sullivan (Dairmuid an  Phudair). After his death his brother and son were also killed. Another of his sons called Owen succeeded to take over the castle in 1563-1577.After that his nephew Donal Cam claim the castle.In 1565 Owen surrendered his lands to the crown in an agreement and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. He didnt help the Desmond Rebels or the English. For that he was thrown into jail in Dublin.During this time Donal took over Carriganass and made it his base.It was during this time he made his first claim.Sir Owens answer when he was released from gaol was to evict him from Carriganass.Eventually in 1593 the English divided the territory in an arrangement which satisfied nobody.Donal Cam got the territory called Beara and Sir Owen got the area Bantry.Sir Owen died the following year and the dispute continued between his sonOwen and Donal Cam now called O Sullivan Beara.Donal Cam took possession of possession of Carriganass once again.His cousin Owen opposed him in every move.On Donal Cams defeat and depart were for Spain where he died.Owen became chief of the whole territory but his tenure was an empty one, the real power laid with the crown.



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