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Local History

              The day we met the Chaffinches

By Togher N.S. May 2000

Last Wednesday as we were sitting around the computers finishing our Project.   Two Chaffinches flew through the open window.The larger of the two was stuck behind the bookcase. Coonkah ran over to free the struggling bird .She caught it and ran to the door, and opened her hands  and immediately the frightened bird flew away. The other bird was sitting on Mrs. Keane's desk and wouldn’t move. Petra picked it up and took it outside, it wouldn’t fly we thought it had broken its leg.  We took it to Ms.O Connell who took a photo of it.   She told us to show the small class. After that we went outside and made it a bed out of dried grass in a plant pot. Then we put it on the bird table and it still wouldn’t fly .It waddled to the side of the table and it eventually flew away. 



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