Centipedes and Millipedes

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This is a worksheet compiled by the children of Togher N.S., Dunmanway.

1.    Where did you find the centipede and millipede?

2.    Is the centipede’s body segmented?

3.    Is the millipede’s body segmented?

4.    How many jointed legs has the centipede and on each section?

5.    How many legs altogether?

6.    How many jointed legs has the millipede on each section?

7.    How many legs altogether?

8.    Which one has the longest feelers?

9.    Do you think the millipedes and Centipedes live happy together?

Look at the centipede’s jaws

10.Can you see his poison fangs?

Look at the millipede’s jaw

11.Can you see his munching jaws?

12.What do you think they eat?

Notice the millipede gliding along.

When a centipede walks notice it using alternate legs just as you do.       




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