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Togher N.S. November 1999

We found woodlice in a damp, dark place.

Woodlice like living in dark, damp places, they need the dampness to survive or else their bodies would shrivel up.

The woodlice have 6-7 pairs of legs. They are paired opposite to each other .The woodlice has two antennae at the

Front of it’s head.

Our woodlouse was about1.2 cm. Long. It’s body is hard like armour.  The armour is flexible.  The coat of armour is for protection.  Woodlice are related to shrimp. They have their coat of armour and similarity in size in common.  The woodlouse antennae are used to help it find its way.  Their enemies are humans and flatworms.  We found our woodlouse under a piece of wood.  If you put the woodlice on a ruler it will cling to it.  When we put it into a box with half in the shade and in the light it went to the shady side.  We returned our woodlouse to it habitat.  


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