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The caterpillar story (continued)  

Compiled by Scoil Treasa Naofa - Donore Avenue

We have three caterpillars in our class.  Their names are Fatsy, Batsy and Ratsy.  We are studying them at the moment.  Their house is a plastic ice-cream container. It has lots of holes on top to let in air. A very exciting thing has happened.  Ratsy and Batsy have turned into caterpillars.  They have shrunk into hard cocoons.  Pity we haven’t got a photo to show you.  They will hibernate in the container for the winter.  We think however that they might wake up when the heating is turned on.  The temperature can get very high in our classroom because it also faces south.  We will have to move them soon to the book room.  This faces north and is the coldest part of the school.


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