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From Dalkey School Project NS

15th October, 1999

On Monday we had 3 caterpillars.  We called them Furry, Purry and Hurry. They are cabbage white caterpillars. Hurry was wise and fast and changed into a cocoon quickly.

On Tuesday we noticed yellow eggs all around

Furry and Purry.  The same thing happened

to Ratsy in Scoil Treasa.   We learned

From Scoil Treasa that a fly called the ichneumon eats caterpillars.  They leave

the heart to last.  Purry is almost dead.

Furry is sick.  Hurry is in its cocoon so we put it in the shed because it is cooler there.

I brought in a caterpillar.  It is a hawk moth caterpillar.  It's in a cocoon so we put it in the shed.




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