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Togher N.S. November 1999     

Studying Insects and Bugs.

This morning we were studying bugs and insects.

We were divided into groups and we were asked to

Look under logs and blocks and in the little garden,

for insects and bugs.

We found millipedes, many wood lice, a centipede, slugs

And a beetle. The beetle is the only true insect as it’s the only one that has six legs and three separate parts to the body.


Millipedes have segmented rounded bodies. They have four jointed legs on each segment.

The centipede that we found has about forty legs and crawls along.   Do you know that centipedes eat millipedes?

Yes they do. We read it in a book and we believe it!

We put them in a jar together and they began to fight.

We saved the millipedes life by quickly removing him!



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