Woodlice Worksheet

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Togher N.S. November 1999


Woodlice start off as eggs in their mum’s tummy pouch. Four weeks later they hatch as tiny woodlice. Baby woodlice live with their parents.   Their mothers abandon most other insect eggs.

  1. Where did you find the woodlice?

  2. Was it in a dark place?    Yes No

  3. Was it in a damp place?         Yes   No

  4. Why do you think the woodlice chose to live in this place?

  5. What do you think the woodlouse eats?

Look at the body of a woodlouse   

  1. How many legs have the woodlouse?

  2. Are the legs paired opposite each other?

  3. Has the woodlouse antenna?

Measure the woodlouse.    Describe its body.

  1. Why do you think the woodlouse needs a coat of armour?

  2. Woodlice are related to some shellfish can you guess which one?

  3. What do you think is the biggest danger to a woodlouse

Get to know your woodlouse.

Please be gentle….do not hurt your friend.


1.    Find your woodlouse under a stone or log.

2.    Get a piece of wood  (like a ruler) + try to get the woodlouse to climb on.

Does he?

A. Walk off in the other direction.

B. Easily climb onto the wood.

C. Struggle to get onto the wood.

3.    Get a box with half the lid cut off find out which half the woodlouse likes best.

A.    Light.

B.    Shade.

Put your woodlouse carefully on the table and poke it gently.

Does the woodlouse.

A.   Roll up into a ball

B.   Run away.

C.   Clamp down on the ground.

D.   Pretend to be dead produce a disgusting substance.

Please return the woodlouse safely to its home.



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