Lettuce Story

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A lettuce story

Compiled by the children of Clonown N.S.

Hi my name is Bobby the lettuce. I was born in a tray with my friends. At first I had a lovely life because I was left on the window at Clonown N.S and I could look out and see the sun shining and feel it warm on my leaves.

            One day the teacher brought the tray outside because it was a lovely sunny day but little did she know that the east wind was blowing. It  began to blow really hard and it froze me and I began to wither. Quickly the school children brought me in and put me into a plastic sandwich container. They said they were putting me into intensive care for a few weeks!

            After a few weeks the teacher said ”Children, I want you to bring home a lettuce and plant it for a competition which we will have in a month’s time. The lettuce that are left over we will plant in school with the beanstalks”.

            I wanted to grow with the beanstalks and live in Clonown N.S. forever and my dream came true! I have a friend here called chervil. She is a herb and she is a very good companion. You see she attracts hoverflies which lay their eggs on her. When the baby hoverflies come out they eat the greenfly which eat my leaves. We live happily ever after!



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