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The Mass Rock  

written by the children of Cappabue N.S., Co.Cork.

Today the whole school and some parents walked up to the mass rock just above our school.  We made our way up through muck and briars to get there.  The mass rock is on top of a hill and is in a hollow like the shape of a bowl.

From the top of the hill you can see for miles around.  I saw all my friends’ houses that I’ve never seen before. 

Today we all went up to the mass rock . We left the school at 9.30 and we where were back around 12.30.It took a long to get there.  There is a circle there were there was mass said in the old days. If they caught a Priest saying mass or if they found a Priest they would kill him.    

Today the whole school went to the mass rock. We left the school at around half past nine. We went along the main road for around half a mile. Then we went through mucky fields thorns and briars. We reached the mass rock at half eleven. We saw where the priest said mass. We were back at the school at half twelve. 

Last Friday third, fourth, fifth and sixth went to the library in Bantry. We were there to look up places like the mass rock, stone circles and standing stones. I had to look up a Gallaun in a place called Cappaboy More. It was a standing stone in rough grazing overlooking the Owvane river valley. Its height is 1.8 m. I also had to look up another standing stone in Cappaboy Beg. There is a standing stone pair on a bog covered slope which forms on the west side of the valley. They are 1.4 m apart, overall length is 3.75m. The NE stone appears to be broken on top.

On Friday all of the children in the big ones’ room went to the library to get information on Cappabue area and all of its’ standing Stones mass rocks etc.  We got loads of information from a book we had a look at in the library and here’s some examples


Cashel circular area (26m N-S; 22.6m E-W) enclosed by ruined stone wall (with 3m) on which was built SE-NW.  Foundations

Of rectangular structure (L 6.3m; wth 3.2m)on E side: two irregular stone caviers on NM side.  Known locally as ‘The Convent’




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