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Planting Herbs and Flowers

By Togher N.S. Infants May 2000


We are having a school Fayre on Sunday the 11th of June.  We decided we will have one stand for selling herbs and flowers.  We spent an evening planting the herbs and flowers.  We hope to sell them and make some money for our school extension, which will start soon.

Siobhan helped us with the planting.  She is with us for a week on work experience.

Mrs Keane found two snails in the old black pots.  Sťan decided to hold them and take them on display to all the classrooms.


Most of the children didnít like them.  They peeped out to look at us.  When they saw us they decided to hide again.    They kept making slime for us.  Sťan then placed them back to where they had found them.

We planted lettuce, parsley, thyme and nastursiums in black trays.   We then placed them on the window sills where we are watching them grow.  We covered them with cling film.  After two weeks the seeds were ready to transplant.  We have to give them some water.


Our lettuce.                                                                  Nastursiums

Herbs on the Window Sill.


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