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Planting Potatoes in a Container.

Clonown N.S.

At lunch time the Infants wanted to do some gardening. They got a large green planter and half filled it with compost as they were preparing to plant potatoes.

After   lunch the junior class stayed out-side with their teacher and they planted the potatoes. They put four or five potatoes in the planter. They checked that the eye of the potatoes was pointing up. Then they covered the potatoes with compost. They put the potatoes beside the gate because it was sunny there. When they passed the potatoes each morning they checked that they had not dried out. In June the potatoes looked like this.

In September the potato stalks were withering. When we tipped over the container we found that the potatoes were fully-grown and looked nice to eat if they were cooked. Yum, yum! Then we tipped over the other container and to our surprise they were just as nice. Our teacher said that we could make a potato salad out some of the potatoes. The rest we will store for planting in the containers next year.





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