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Bird Watching in the Snow

Clonown N.S. 


Hi!My name is Christine. When I woke up on February 16thI got up and looked out the window. When I looked out the window I saw snow. I saw the snow on the roofs of houses and on the cars. Then I went out to the back door and saw snow all over the grass and on the trees. Then on my way to school I saw that the fields were covered in snow

Later in school ….Peter takes up the story

Today when we were doing long division the teacher  looked out the window and told Brendan to look out and see the birds. Then everybody in fourth came to look. She told me to bring the oatmeal outside and sprinkle it on the birdtable as the birds were cold in the snow. The birds that were outside were the female blackbird, blue tit, thrush, and the robin. Donal and I hung the peanut chain on the bird table. Now the birds have something to eat. Brendan had to take a picture whenever a bird flew on the table.

Brendan writes…..

The teacher called me over and she asked me to get the camera. She said “if a bird comes I would like you to take a picture”. At half ten I went to the camera and waited for a bird to come.



 After a few minutes a Blue Tit came and I got a lovely shot of it.

My teacher was very happy.

Then at ten to eleven I got a lovely shot of a thrush and I told my teacher and she said “Well done Brendan”

Donal continues the story……..



The thrush is getting scarce. They are getting scarce because people are putting out slug pellets. You see first a snail eats slug pellets and it gets poisoned and

dies. Then the thrush eats the slug and it gets poisoned and dies too.

Cormac writes……

One day Jason and Donal put out the bird hide. Donal went into the bird hide first and waited until a bird came. A few minutes later he saw a bird and took a quick shot of it.

The bird had its feathers fluffed out as it was cold.


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