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A Walk to the Shannon Callows

Clonown N.S.

We went for a walk to the Shannon callows in October. Cormac brought the trundle wheel and he measured the distance to the river. It was 500 meters to the gate into the Garbh Inch (the callows or river meadows). It was 500 more meters to the riverbank.

When we got there we saw a type of “scum” on the fields. The river had been in flood and when it went down it left this “scum”. We didn’t know what it was. We took a photograph of the scum. We sent e-mail to Stephen Heary, author of “Shannon Floodlands”. We sent him the photograph as an email attachment. He replied by saying it was algae and a natural fertilizer for the grass.

 Because artificial fertilizer is not used, lots of wild flowers grow in the callows.  Insects feed on the nector of the flowers. Birds are attracted because of the insects and that’s why birds like corncrakes nest there in the summer.     

The Callows II ]


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