Togher Castle

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We visited Togher Castle, Dunmanway, Co. Cork in April 

Togher castle was built about 500 years ago by Tadhg an Fhorsa, it was really a tower house and it had 5 floors.  On the first floor there was a guards room so nobody could get in.  On the second floor there would have been a big dining room with a table down the middle and a fire pit at the end.  On the 3rd and 4th floors there would have been the living quarters, and on the 5th floor there were the bedrooms.

The family that lived in Togher tower house were the McCarthys they owned 12,418 acres of land, the land they owned was called Glena Chroim.

                                     At the entrance of the tower house there might have been an iron grille, an oak door and a murder hole to protect the tower house.  The murder hole is a hole above the front door, which a soldier would have poured hot oil or thrown rocks on an enemy’s head.  On top of some tower houses there might have been arrow loops set in the walls so the garrison could defend it.  We couldn’t see any arrow loops on Togher tower house.

                    The last person to occupy the tower house was a schoolteacher who had a school in the tower house. He was chased out of the tower house by parents after he sent a pupil up to the top floor for not learning properly. The pupil fell down and was killed.

                        We learned a lot about life in the tower house and we enjoyed going there.  The day before we went there Mrs. Keane told us about the history of the tower house.






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