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How To Take Hardwood Cuttings

1.      Take a cutting from a shrub about 30 cm long and 1 cm thick.

2.      If possible take a heel cutting.  Pull off a side shoot with a piece of bark stuck on.

3.      For an ordinary cutting cut below a leaf node.  This is where leaves join.

4.      The cutting should be about 23 cm long.

5.      Use a sharp knife.

6.      Cut off the lower leaves leaving only a few on top.

7.      Dip the end in rooting powder.

8.      Place it against the vertical side of a V shaped trench on top of about 2cm of garden sand.

9.        This trench should be about the depth of a spade.

10. Carefully replace the soil a little at a time to prevent air-lock.

11. Press down firmly with your foot and water.

12. It will be ready to plant in 12 months.

                               By Nakita Lawrence 6th Class Scoil Treasa.

On Friday last our teacher Mr. Dunford helped us to put in cuttings of Irish trees and shrubs.  We used willows, broom, ivy, hawthorn, honeysuckle, wild privet, wild rose, yew, holly.



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