Making Paper

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How can new paper be made from old?


Waste Paper/Newspaper

A large spoon

A blender to be used under adult supervision or an eggbeater

Large bowl/bucket

A piece of wooden screen 8cm square.

2 pieces of blotting paper (ordinary paper) the same size as the screen.

2 cups of lukewarm water.


ACTIVITY: Students can design and build a wooden screen with a removable screen/net in order to learn to make paper. (Tack fine screen (mesh) to bottom of a wooden frame)



  1. Tear sheets of paper into small pieces the size of a stamp and put the pieces in a large bowl or bucket.

  2. Add water and beat mixture with a blender or an eggbeater until the mixture resembles pulp.

  3. Turn contents of the bowl onto the screen and move pulp around until the screen is completely covered. Leave water drain off. Turn the contents of the screen on a piece of blotting paper which in on newspapers.

  4. Allow to dry for one day.

  5. Peel the "recycled-paper" from the blotting paper. Do not write on it immediately.


You can experiment with different screen sizes. You can also add food-colouring/paint to the mixture.



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