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Kealkill N.S. October 1999

Oak  galls are  the swellings caused by gall  larvae burrowing  into the leaves.


We made ink with the Oak galls, with help from the teacher.

What you need to make ink ;

A jar, water, rusty nails,  piece of muslin, Oak galls, pestle and  mortar.

  How to make ink.

In the Autumn pick some Oak galls.

Get a pestle and  mortar, and crush oak galls.

Put them into a jar .

For each Oak gall add one rusty nail and a teaspoon of water.

Set to rest uncovered.

After an hour you will see a change.

It will get darker.

By the next day it will be very dark.

.In a week it will be nearly black.

 Strain through a piece of  muslin  and its ready to use.

Invisible Ink.

You need ; a lemon.

To make invisible ink use lemon juice.

Write your mesage on a piece of paper .

Leave to dry. When dry get an iron and iron the paper it will turn brown.

Ask an adult for help with the iron.


Hope you all have a go!!



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