On Monday the 15th of January, 2001 the Minister for Education and Science Dr. Michael Woods, along with Bishop Lee, Mayor Davy Daniels and many other dignitaries arrived at our school to officially open our new school block, autistic unit, computer room and launch out "Marine Project".


We formed a guard of honour while the minister walked up along the drive to cut the ribbon. While he made his way up he shook hands with many of the pupils. After he cut the ribbon everyone proceeded to the P.E. hall where a special stage had been erected for the minister and others to make their speeches. After the speeches the school band played some music.

Then our class (6th class) moved into the new computer room to show off the work we have been doing on shipwrecks along the southeast coast. There was a display of 5th classes work on lobsters and 3rd classes report on their fieldtrip to Rathmoylan Cove. The minister and his officials were very impressed with the project and he was glad to meet the students again after seeing us at the Young Scientist's Exhibition in Dublin.

The minister and other dignitaries were pictured cutting the ribbon in the "News and Star", the "Munster Express" and many more newspapers. The minister also appeared on "Waterford At Eight". I enjoyed the minister's visit and I am sure many other pupils did as well, because the school never had the minister or anyone as important as that at the school for over two hundred years.

6th Class.