6th Class

The Asgard is a tall ship. It is also an STV ship meaning sail-training vessel. When I saw the ship it was docked in Waterford marina. The name Asgard comes from the Viking name home of the Viking gods. The ship was built in 1981 at Wicklow in Arklow. It is built of wood. The ship is 109ft long and 91ft high the draft of the ship is 3m. There are 13 sails on the ship. The names of the sails are the main sail the topsail the mizzen sail and the jib sail. There are 2 big masts there are yards that come out of the masts. The longest voyage the ship went on was to Canada it took four weeks together. There is a life raft, a bell, an engine, a ships wheel, a harness, a compass, a galley, and a main cabin, there was a radio to contact shore all the crew sleep in bunks. When I was talking to the mate he said that he fell over board and the ship was struck by lightening and it was in 95mph winds. The mates name is Liam and the boson's name is Fiona. Fiona always has to put up the republic of Ireland flag. I looked down at the compass when we were standing up on the deck. The crew were really nice and showed us lots of pictures on their travels. The boat was in a lot of competitions with other boats. I really liked the ship and it was a really good trip and I hope I see it again.