3rd Class

Our class left on the bus at 10:00am. We went out to Dunmore East. When we got there we met John, our guide. We asked him a lot of questions. I asked him what was the scariest rescue he did. He said they were all scary. We then saw the RNLI gear, the yellow jackets, boots, pants and lifejackets.

We went upstairs to watch a video about water safety and the importance of a lifeboat. We saw a radio. We got lots of leaflets.

Then we went onto a big Trent class lifeboat. It was orange and blue. It was called the "Elizabeth and Ronald". We went on four at a time. I walked around the boat, we saw inside the cabin and I climbed up the ladder and saw the steering wheel. I learned that they save lives for free.

Then we went to a park to have lunch.

Later we went out to Waterford Regional Airport. We met Morgan, Davitt and Tommy. We saw an Alouette helicopter. They showed us the winch. They answered our questions. The Alouette is a dawn to dusk helicopter and doesn't fly at night. It usually has a crew of three. The Alouette is 38 years old. They started up the helicopter and we had to hold onto our caps. It flew around in circles. Davitt strapped Mr. Kelly in the stretcher and winched him up. It was fun to watch. My favourite part was watching the helicopter go up in the air. It was a fun day and I'd like to go again.