Listen to the weather.
Red flag means don't swim.
No messing in the pool.
Always know what the area is like before going swimming.
Always tell someone where you are going.
Never take the ring buoys.
Red and yellow flag means safe to swim.
Never leave young children near the water.
Never jump straight into the water.
If your boat turns over, hold on to it.
Don't eat before swimming.
Have a radio in your boat.
Attach a rope to all rubber boats.
Always do what the lifeguard says.
If there is no lifeguard ask a local person.
Never go down the slide the wrong way.
Be careful near lakes and ponds.
Always obey the flags.
Have spare oars in your boat.
Wear a lifejacket.
Be careful of currents in the water.
Be aware near riverbanks.
Never swim out to sea.
No flag, no lifeguard.
Never swim when it's dark.
Don't swim over your depth.
Never swim alone.
Never swim out after airbeds or balls.
Never swim where you are not allowed to swim.
Never think that you are better at swimming than you are

Ms. Creagh's 3rd Class,
St. Mary's national School,