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Christmas Adventure or A Gory Christmas Story.

Boher National School 4th, 5th, 6th Class.

It was Christmas and I woke up with what I thought was a shiver of excitement only to find my bedroom window was wide open. I yawned, rose quickly and gazed outside. I perceived a beautiful three-inch thick blanket of snow spreading across the horizon. My dream had come true, a white Christmas at last!

As I peered more closely out of my window I noticed gigantic footprints leading from underneath my window. I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming. What creature could possibly have made those enormous prints? Determined to investigate the matter I hurriedly dressed and snugly clad in my warm woolies I ventured into the unknown.

Continued by Ballina N.S.

I was waking along for about twenty minutes when I suddenly heard an unusual rumbling sound. A giant white furry animal casually walked out in front of me. He was about 40 ft tall. I stood still, careful not to move. My heart was thumping. He walked deep into the forest. I decided to follow him. He led me through the cold dark forest for a while, stopping every so often. Suddenly he walked up a snow - covered cliff! He looked back. I could see his red eyes from miles away.

He turned around and kept on going. He probably couldn’t see me because I had white clothes on. He climbed up the jagged cliff to a cave. There was a faint glowing light in the cave and he walked inside it. By then I was at the bottom of the cliff. I stood there for a minute, wondering what to do. I decided to try and find another way up the cliff. Eventually I found a way up. I went to the cave and looked inside. It was cold and damp inside.

Continued by Rearcross N.S.

I crept deeper into the cave even though my heart was in my mouth with fear. I knew I would have to get a really good look at the beast. I desired to find out what he was like. Just then I wondered what he liked to eat. Was he a carnivore, an omnivore or a herbivore? That very thought sent a shiver of fear through my spine. Now I had second thoughts and for a brief moment I turned and faced the entrance. But I couldn’t chicken out now so I boldly crept towards the glow. Suddenly I slipped and fell and rolled for a while. Having gained my composure I looked up to see five or six of the creatures in front of me. "There’s a whole family", I thought to myself.

Continued by Toomevara N.S.

My body stiffened with fear. I was terrified. As I goggled in silent horror the beast lifted back his monstrous head and uttered an animal roar. I started to cry and fell down in devastation. Suddenly I remembered that I had a sandwich in my backpack. I threw it to the far corner and they ran after it savagely. I ran home panting and out of breath. Crying and shouting all at once, I tried to explain to my parents what had happened. My parents decided to ring animal control.

Continued by Ballinahinch N.S.

Dad rang Animal Control. He explained the story as thoroughly as possible. "This is Christmas Day and not April Fool’s Day!" was the sarcastic reply as the phone went dead. We would have to investigate the matter ourselves. Christmas dinner was postponed. Dad grabbed his shotgun. He asked me to unleash the dogs. Mam brought her powerful binoculars. With a great sense of fear and trepidation we set off, not knowing what lay ahead. "Son, you are going out as a boy but you’ll return a man" said Dad as he tried to encourage me, but I wasn’t so sure. We quickly reached the mouth of the cave.

Finished by 5th & 6th Class Portroe N.S.

Then my father told us to stay quiet and to stay put. He then took the shotgun off his shoulder and proceeded with great care. For the next few minutes I heard nothing. Suddenly I heard growls and screams coming from the cave and we heard a number of shots. Then my mother and I went into the cave. We found the shotgun on the ground and beside it empty cartridges. So I picked up the shotgun and proceeded further into the cave, my mother following behind. We turned a corner and there they were - the monsters. They had a fire lighting and their fire lit up the surroundings. Beside the fire we saw Dad lying injured. We picked up some rocks and started throwing them at the monsters with all our might. This forced the monsters backwards and they fell into the fire. The groans and shrieks from the monsters were deafening. Some tried to escape but the flames had engulfed them and they all died one by one. We then went to the attention of our father, who luckily had only minor injuries. After taking Dad to the hospital for a check-up we returned home and ate our Christmas dinner - roast monster!!