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Numbershark   Review

Numbershark contains a suite of 20 different games/activities to practice and reinforce number and computation skills. From the maim menu one has the option to decide on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division activities.  Within topic decided, one can then decided level of difficulty to suit needs of child.  For example in addition, easiest option is counting in 1s to 10 and most difficult option is addition of four digit numbers.  For multiplication, the lowest level it focuses on is two times tables and at the highest level it contains long multiplication using up to four digits

Now it is a matter of selecting from one of the 20 games on screen to begin.  The variety of games gives the pupil repeated practice to help in improving his mathematical computational skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

Unfortunately, there is no on-screen help available for each game and so it is imperative for teacher to read book for an understanding of how each game works.  Once explained children find games easy to navigate. Through short sounds the pupils are let know if answers are right or wrong.  Like Wordshark, each pupil can be set up with their own password so they can work on their own.  This also allows teacher to check their progress at a later stage by entering the teacher settings.  However, unlike Wordshark, Numbershark does not have the capability to allow teacher set up individual work for each pupil.  For this reason, teacher needs to spend a lot of time familiarising pupils with how software works before letting them work on their own.  In reality, I found Numbershark quite time-consuming initially on teacherís time.

Overall, very suitable for pupils who need extra time with computation and ideal for the learning support teacher to be used as part of childrenís learning programmes.

Ballinahinch NS

Brian Dilon