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Review of Numbershark.

This disk is suitable for all classes, in this instance itís use was confined to Second Class.

The games are in five groups in the Main Menu.

Sorting                         for number concepts

Number                        for basic concepts and skills

Learn                           for learning maths signs, addition, subtraction etc.

Practice                        with rote practice included

General                        for sharpening concepts.

Games can be played in any order and repeated as often as  the student wishes.  Like Wordshark a reward game appears at  the end of each game. This is very popular with the students.

Our main emphasis was on the practice of number bonds - adds and subtracts-up to 10 first and then up to 20. Using the special Teacher control facility it was possible to programme students for specific themes and know that when they went to the computer they were confined to work selected by me. The students were quite happy with this, particularly as it meant that the work selected was within their capability. The continuous repetition of basic themes meant the students had invaluable practice in a fun way with the more basic maths on their program.  Using the special Teacher  facility I can regularly check on games played,  and judge what progress has been made.  The CD is both student and teacher friendly.

Sinead Daffy

Resource Teacher

Ballina NS