The Role of ICT as a Support To Learning  


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WordShark Evaluation

    I used Word Shark with pupils from 1st class to 5th class. It was invaluable as a piece of software to reinforce phonic work, which had been done in the remedial class. Through a wide and varied selection of enjoyable and entertaining games, the children were allowed to work at their own pace back in their whole-class situation.

      I found that the notion that you could pre-set  your chosen phonic work for the week particularly useful, and a further bonus to this was being able to check pupils’ work and in doing so determine if they were having any problems with a particular task.

      I also feel that in addition to extending the children’s phonic work, the games also serve to broaden the children’s vocabulary, providing plenty of words to children which are constantly repeated throughout the various games.

       One of the games on word shape and blending letters to make words was especially useful in developing children’s visual word awareness. While games such as pairs and snap encourage concentration and memory skills which I feel are essential to children’s learning to read if they are to cope with learning and retaining an extensive sight vocabulary.

      Through the use of these games the children are provided with the opportunity to learn and reinforce several necessary reading skills such as concentration, visual memory, auditory memory, spelling and word recognition, all of which  are I believe, prerequisites for being an able reader. These important reading skills are reinforced through the use of a variety of entertaining games thus affording the child an opportunity to learn, utilising the pleasure, enjoyment and interest factor which sadly I feel teachers, myself included, tend to overlook on occasion.

  Mary S. McGlinchey,