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WordShark Evaluation


Remedial Teacher, Boher N.S.

I took the "Word Shark" disc home myself and found it quite easy to work.  Between the children at school and myself, we had a good look at most of the games.

The first game "Find" was enjoyed by all, as was "Find Jigsaw".  "Card Parks" was also liked.  "Sharks" was enjoyed by both young and old.  I thought "Build Word" was good myself.  Level I of "Alphabet" was very good for younger children.  The older ones favoured "Bombs".

Level I of "Jumbled Sentence" was good but the children looked on it as more like work than a game.

"Find by Shape" was not enjoyed by many.  It went too fast for them and they lost interest.  "Find moving word" seemed to frustrate some, ending up with so many words.

I had a mixed reaction to "Magic Square".  Some enjoyed it but others felt it was just like "ordinary word searches."  They did not enjoy "Animal Maze" or "Letter Maze".

I thought Level 2 of "Alphabet" was not very educational.  They found "Dictionary Fish" difficult and as a result did not enjoy it.

I have not done any student - controlled sessions yet. 

by Anne O'Shea

Boher National School.