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King Midas

Written by Julian Norman and Melissa Webb

There was a king called Midas and all he wanted was gold and this person called Dionysus was leaving and he gave Midas a gift. Anything he touched would turn to gold. Midas touched a lot of things and it all turned to gold and his Princess even turned to gold aswell. So Dionysus came back. Midas said “I do not want to have gold anymore!”. Then you have to take a bath in the river and he did. Then he turned back to normal and so did his daughter, the Princess.

I loved this story. My favourite part was when he turned Fido the dog into gold.

By Aoife Grace Toomevara NS

One day a fox caught a rabbit. He decided to have a rabbit stew with the rabbit. Then he met Weasel. He said ‘Would you like to come to the stew.’ ‘Oh yes I’ll bring onions, bye!’ Then he met a pheasant. ‘Would you and squirrel like to come to the stew?’ ‘I’ll bring raisins and I’ll bring hazelnuts, bye! Then he met a turkey. ‘Would you like to come to the stew?’ He said ‘Yes I’ll bring cranberries, bye!’ After a long way they saw a crow ‘Would you like to come too crow?’ ‘ Yes I’ll bring hot sauce, bye!’ But what the fox did not know was that they were planning on giving him a taste of the hot stew so it would burn him. They all did except Weasel who was rumbling his tummy.

By Aoife Sweeney.Toomevara NS

King Beast Birthday 

Author         Edel Wignell 

Marina McAllan

I liked this book because it was funny .The animals called King Beast “ King Boast” when he wasn’t listening. A month before his birthday he said he wanted a big party and a huge cake. The servants used five thousand eggs, two thousand cups of flour, one thousand cups of sugar and five thousand cups of butter. Then at his party when he was blowing out the candles the animals blew the cake on top of King Beast.

By Brian Delaney Toomevara NS

Four Legged Friends.

Written by June Epstein.

There was four stories in the book my favourite was ‘ The Ears of Mandy.’

There was once a cat called Mandy. Someone mistook him for a girl and when someone found out he was a boy it was too late. Mandy is great sister. At night she was told to go out went she was hungry she would say ‘miaow’ at the back door. Mandy heard the sound of the door ‘chink chink’. She curled around her minders leg and heard her owner say ‘good kitty’. Then again that night before he went to sleep he heard the ‘thing thing’ of the alarm the ‘creek creek’ of the bed the patter of the small feet and the ‘slap’ of somebodies slippers. ‘Click’ went the latch of the back door ‘eek eek’ went its hinges and his owner said ‘outside Mandy’. These were the usual sounds that Mandy could hear. But one morning she did not hear all the sounds because Mandy was left with his next-door neighbour. He was delighted when someone, his owner, came home. He snuggled up on the bed with him and was very happy there.

By Emer O’Brien Toomevara NS

What are crocodiles? Crocodiles are a special group of reptiles. This includes crocodiles and alligators. What do crocodiles eat? Crocodiles hunt other animals. Their fish shape snout makes it easy to swallow. Crocodiles will not touch birds. Where do crocodiles live? Crocodiles live in warm parts of the world. Their favourite places are the edges of lakes and rivers.

I liked the book because it had good pictures 10/10

By Alan Elderfield.Toomevara NS

Four Legged Friends.

Retold by :                    Gail Saunders-Smiith

            This book had four stories in it. My favourite one was ‘ How Dogs and People became friends.’ 

There was a dog and a jackal. They were in a forest and  had to find food. But they smelled a fire and men they had food. That night the jackal went up to the fire and got caught. The man said I am going to hurt you but he did not. They become best friends and they heard the jackal at night and said what a fool, the jackal howling in the night.At the end the dog just smiled

By Aislinn Shanahan. Toomevara NS

 Oh What a Daughter

Author Judith Womersley.

Illustrated David Pearson.

            This story is about a girl called Annabel. Her mother found her very annoying because she was always late getting up, and she very untidy. Her sisters and brothers were so much better than her. Annabel wore unusual clothes and her earrings were very strange. Annabel was very interested in acting but her mother wanted her to get a different career. One day Annabel got a part in a movie and became a star. She won an award for best actor and her parents were vary proud of her.

       I like this story because Annabel was a star at the end of the story.

By Orlaith Maher.Toomevara NS

  Name:                        Huberta the Hiking Hippo

Author:                       Daphne Cox

Huberta was a hippo she went for a three year journey to Umvoti River and Durbon and St Johns and a train track. A train came towards her and just about stopped. Then the train driver nudged her with a cow catcher. She became really famous because she traveled around the world in three years! She was even in the paper as a hero. I liked the story because it was happy in the end.

By Aoife Murphy.Toomevara NS

Author: H.O.O.  Dunnit

I liked it because of the part where the boy who ran away with the pig. But who pushed him. This was a serious crime even for the police.Could it be the old women, the boy who ran away with the pig or Jill or Little Bow Peep. In the end we didn’t find out who pushed Humpty!

By Niamh Gleeson.Toomevara NS

Written and photographed by Peter J Paterson .

My favourite part was spiders from long ago. I liked it because it tells you about tarantulas, my favourite spider.  It tells you about how long they live. They can live 18 years more  than an  ordinary spider  or  more.

By Jamie Farquahar Toomevara NS

Title: The spider and the king.

Author: Carol Kruger.

Marks out of ten: 10/10.

Liked it or not: I liked this book because it was about a king.

Summary:         This book was about King Robert The Bruce .He had lost all the six battles he had had with England. But one day he gave up and he hid in a cave where he saw a spider .The spider tried to get to the other wall. He fell 6 times but the 7th time he made it. King Robert then battled the British for the seventh time and WON. He got all that inspiration from one little spider!!!!

                       By James Ryan Toomevara NS

Alfie’s Gift

Alfie was tired of living in a drain. He wanted to find a new home. He did not want a home with children. He got a fish from sea. He hunted for a new home. When he was walking by people threw things at him. He saw a home with a woman in it. He went in the woman was a sleep. When she woke up he put the fish on her foot. She started to dance. I thought that was the funniest part of the story. 

By Conor O'Neill.Toomevara NS

The Tale of  Veruschka Babuschka

Author :         Marcia Vaughhan.

Illustrated:    Rebecca Pannell.

There once was a woman that lived in a town called Trotsky. She was a woman that was known to be a gossiper. Also Veruschra was a woman that lied. She would tell tale after tale to the shopkeepers in the town of Trotsky. She was told by the doctors wife that her foot would get stuck in her own mouth if she lied again. But she still said more and more lies and her foot got stuck in her mouth. Then the doctor came and said every lie she stopped telling; a toe would come out of her mouth. Eventually her foot came out of her mouth. She did not tell another lie ever again.

        I like this book because it is very funny and it is easy to read.

By:               Annie  Ryan.Toomevara NS

Gail and Me

Author: Virginia King 

Summary: I think the book was very good because there was a dad and two boys called Paul and Jerry and their mother was in hospital. When their mother was in hospital Paul gave her a teddy bear and she called him Hugbert and if she was afraid she would hug Hugbert. Then their mother died .One night dad and the two boys went to a party at a friend’s house. Dad met a girl called Gail. Dad and Gail would not stop smiling at each other. He and Gail were talking loudly and laughing Paul hadn’t heard his dad laugh for ages. After that they stopped being the three men; and they started being dad; Gail and the two boys.   She came over to their house all the time, sometimes she even cooked dinner, but at least she didn’t act like a mother. She didn’t try to tell Paul what to do or anything. Gail was always  friendly, she asked Paul questions about school, and came out to talk to him when he was playing in the yard. Then Gail and Paul’s dad got married.


Toomevara NS.

Title:                             Bats.

Author:             Anne Gordon.

Summary ;                    This book gives you lots of information on Bats. Vampire Bats are bats that can’t fly they hop; run or walk along the ground. There are around one thousand species of Bats. These are some of there names the Hammer Head Bat, the Sword Nosed Bat, the Tent Building Bat and the Gambian fruit Bat. Caves in which Bats keep their young, are called nursery caves. Bats can be found throughout Europe. Some bats eat fruit nectar and pollen some eat insects a few bats eat  frogs lizards and mice. My favourite bat is the Grey fox headed bat.

By Colin English Toomevara NS

The Present From Aunt Skidoo.

Written by:                    Jane Elloit.

Illusyrated by:               Kelvin Haivley.

The Present From Aunt Skidoo is a good book. There was Mum , Joshua and Aunt Skidoo. It was Joshua/s birthday and every year he got a handkerchief. But this year he was pleased because he did not know what to make of his present.If it wasn’t one thing it was another. He though it was a kite, a tent, a trap and last of all a mud – slider. But his post got mixed up with Aunt Skidoo/s post and after all, it was a handkerchief.

By : Laura Mc Cormack.Toomevara NS

Title of Book:             Robin Hood

Retold By:                Anne   Judder

Illustrated By:        Bryan Pollard


Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest. He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. He had   lots of Enemies.  He met little John, Friar tuck, Much the Miller and Will Stukely. They were his Friends.

I give this Book ten out of ten because is was Happy and sad.             BY    DAMIEN O’ MEARA

Toomevara NS

A Present From Aunt Skidoo 

It was Joshua’s Birthday and Aunt Skidoo did not sent him a present in time. But one day a big parcel came for Joshua. He knew that it was from Aunt Skidoo because every Birthday she gave him a handkerchiefs But it wasn’t this time it was the wrong thing. When he opened it he did not know what it was. First He made a kite out of it and then a tent then a trap and then a mud slider. He got four things out the wrong Present . Then Aunt Skidoo came and gave him the right present and it was a HANDKERCHIEF.

By Hazel Harty Toomevara NS

Title of  book :             THE GOLDEN GOOSSE.

Author :                        Brenda Paekes

Illustrated:                     David Person

I like this book because it was a good story and easy to read. A women and her three sons lived in a forest. The youngest of the brothers, named Peter shared his lunch with a strange man. That man told him where to find the golden goose. That night his brothers tried to steal it. But they got stuck on it instead and everyone that tried to free them got stuck too. They all arrived at the castle where daughter lived. The princess saw all the people stuck to the goose. This made her laugh and that released them all and set them free. The youngest son could marry the do the three commands the King gave him. He had to get somebody to drink all the apple cider in the King’s cellar, eat the King’s mountain of bread and find a boat that could sail on land and water, fly through the air aswell. He did all the three commands and married the King’s daughter and they lived happily ever after. BY KATIE DUIGNAN.   

Toomevara NS 

Tilte:                             That’s a laugh

Author:                         Philip Brayan

Illustrated by:                David Pearson

I liked this book because there were four stories. All the stories were funny I especially liked what’s in a name .It was about a servant and he played tricks on the King. I liked this book because it was really funny. The seven smart brothers were funny too. The seven smart brothers went fishing. After that they counted each other to make sure none of them fell in the lake. But each of them forgot to count himself. A girl came along and counted the brothers and all of them were there so the brothers gave her all the fish and they went home.

By Mark Carey Toomevara NS.