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Review of Clicker 3

I have made excellent use of this CD with an older Special Needs student.  Because of his age and specific learning problems I decided to use the Language Experience approach to teach him to read.  His background is farming so we discussed pictures from The Farmersí Journal  and then wrote captions under them, which I later typed up on my computer. In this way I made a reader for the student. I also produced all  the words on flashcards.

I then typed the sentences into the Clicker writing programme, mixing up the order of the words in sentences The student was shown how to click on the correct word in the right order to form the sentence on the screen.  Once the full stop was in place at the end of the sentence the completed sentence was read by the computer. This could be practiced over and over and it provided an excellent form of revision and over learning for the student.

I  have also downloaded specific programmes from cricksoft on the Internet and he has enjoyed using them, particularly  one on the alphabet and one on matching words. The student loves using the computer and being able to do meaningful work on it has enhanced his self-esteem.

Sinead Daffy 

Resource Teacher

Ballina NS