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A Visit to Lapland

2nd Class :Teacher: Ann O’ Grady: Boher N.S. 


There was a competition on Den 2. I entered it. I watched the T.V. all day waiting for the results to come on. Then it happened, I saw my name on the screen. I had won a family trip to Lapland to see Santa. I jumped for joy and ran out to hug my family. We were all so excited. The day for departure was December 12th. We couldn’t wait for that day to dawn.


1st Class: Teacher: Ann McLoughney: Ballina N.S. 


At last the day came. We were off to Lapland. We hardly slept at all the night before. We were so excited. Off to the airport we went. Dustin, Socky and Damien were waiting for us Dustin was singing his Christmas songs and making a terrible din. We boarded the plane. The pilot invited us into the cockpit but Dustin had to stay behind. The plane took off. We were on our way. YIPPEE!!!.


1st Class: Rearcross N.S. : Teacher: Kathleen Daly: 


We looked out the window. We saw clouds and birds. We were up over the clouds. I was very excited. We went back to Dustin. The girl brought us orange juice and muffins. Dustin burped. Everyone laughed and Dustin was cross. Then the pilot said we were coming into Lapland.


1st and 2nd class: Teacher: Josephine Ryan: Toomevara N.S.


We landed at Lapland airport at long last. When we got out of the plane we jumped for joy. There was a huge car waiting for us. As we drove out of the airport we could not believe our eyes. Snow, snow, snow was all we could see.

Dustin started singing 40 shades of White. Socky couldn’t wait to make snow castles with his blue bucket. Damien was glad he wore his fake hairy chest. Finally we arrived at Santa's Grotto.

We crept up and knocked on the door…….


First Class: Ballinahinch N.S.: Teacher: Maura Foley.  


Slowly the door opened. Mrs. Claus was standing there, beaming at us. She wore a red dress, a white cap and a white frilly apron. "Welcome Folks! Come along to my kitchen and have some of my goodies." she said. We walked through a big hall and Santa’s helpers were busy working. They were hammering, cutting, sticking, painting, drawing and sewing. They smiled and waved at us. "See you later, guys. We’re too busy to stop and chat," they said. Mrs. Claus knocked at the door waiting to see Santa sitting beside the fire, resting. 


2nd and 3rd Class: Portroe N.S.: Teacher: Dominic Gallgher: E-Mail:

We waited for a few minutes. Nobody answered the door. Then finally the door creaked open and there stood a little goblin not more than two feet tall. He didn’t say anything. Santa was nowhere to be seen. This little fellow looked very familiar. The room also was cold and toys were thrown all over the floor. Dustin said "where’s Santa little fella ?" "Any more questions from you and you’ll be dinner" replied the goblin. We all felt strange and a little scared. We heard a banging noise coming from a trunk in the workshop. We all ran to the workshop. Damien opened the chest and found Santa gasping for air. We looked around and the goblin was gone. Christmas was now saved and the wicked goblin was never to be seen again. We had a lovely party together. Podge even joined us later wearing a funny hat .