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Review of Numbershark.



          Having used Numbershark for only a few weeks I have found it extremely educational and motivating for most of the pupils I take for Maths.Initially I found it quite difficult to set up an individual programme of games and topics for each child as we did in Wordshark,but I think I have it mastered now.The topics are graded and get progressively more difficult which is a positive aspect of it.

          Obviously some of the games were more appealing and enjoyable than others.The Catch balls proved easy enough for the children as the ball keeps bouncing until it pops into the right slot.There is an option to make the game harder which I didn’t bother with.I found Pairs and Snap excellent for practice of table facts and increasing the speed of mental maths and also estimation of answers with large numbers.

          The kids found the Surround game a bit tricky to manage as it needs very good mouse control and we found the Maze game much too difficult altogether because you have to click between map mode and being inside it in order to open doors and zap monsters.

          Rod games were good for understanding basic number bonds.The Fit In game was especially good for the younger ones by helping them to see the visual pattern of written numbers.The younger ones also enjoyed the Counting game and the Pick game was good fun especially at the end when you have to pick the monster to match the one shown and then they do a little celebratory dance!As in Wordshark the Shark game proved to be one of the favourites with everybody,the aim being to turn the biting sharks into smiling ones by catching them and typing in answers to their questions before they gobble you up.

          The Sort game was helpful for putting numbers in order,sometimes starting with the lowest and other times the highest; it also proved good for counting practice in ones,twos,threes,etc. when any multiplication topic is selected.

          Estimating which is very much part of the new Maths Curriculum is well catered for in many games including the Knock Down game where you can choose the ‘approximate’ instead of the ‘exact’ option and then the number that is called out to you will need to be rounded up or down in your head before attempting to knock down the nearest number to it.

          I didn’t make much use of the Conserve or Match games or some of the others due to lack of time because of testing,etc. but hopefully after the summer holidays  I will take up where I left off .There is a huge amount of worthwhile material in the C.D. and I look forward to becoming more competent in its usage as time goes on.  

  Sheila Carey

Learning Support

Rearcross NS