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WordShark Evaluation

 Having used Word Shark for 3 weeks, I’ve found it to be an excellent learning device.

Being a Resource Teacher, it provides me with an extensive amount of material to aid my students with their learning requirements.

It is exceptionally good for phonics, being able to hear the words first in the Find game enables them to practice and learn the initial sounds. Finding the specified words, typing them and Fitting them in ensures that new words are learnt and known by the child

Sharks enable me to see that the pupil has learnt the word list given by me at that particular time.  (That game seems to be their favourite too!).

All of the games are very attractive to the pupil – especially Moving Words, Magic Squares, Card Pairs – they make learning very enjoyable.

Matching Card game is very good to develop the pupil’s memory skills.

The “point system” and the “End of Game options” is a great incentive to especially one of my pupils who loves to see his score rising!!

At this stage, having only used the first group of words, I’ve found two problems –

(1)    The Sentences are very poor.  The same one is repeated all of the time, which 

gives the pupil very little opportunity at practicing his/her new words.


(2)   It would be a good facility to have an option for the teacher to hide the “eyes”      

on the screen.  One of my pupils is quite bad with initial sounds, but intends to click on the “eyes” instead of the “ear” if a second  attempt is required.  I would like to be able to get rid of the “eyes” so that she would have to listen again.

This concludes my evaluation so far!  I’m looking forward to working  with this and using all of the other games etc  as we progress!!.

Breda Nolan

   Rearcross NS