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Island in the Mist

By Group 3

It was too late. The oars had floated away. The little boat was drifting out to sea. The strong current was rapidly pushing them further away from shore. The three boys were panic stricken. They now realized that they were drifting further and further into the mist. Did anybody know they were missing? Suddenly just as they thought they would never see land again, a tropical island appeared on the horizon.


George, David and Mark got very excited and shouted with relief. When they had calmed down they started paddling furiously with their hands. With the current helping them they progressed rapidly. All thoughts of their families and friends disappeared from their minds as all their concentration was on reaching the island safely. Mark who was sitting in front glanced up and spotted smoke coming from the little huts on the beach. Suddenly the boat lurched forward and capsized. It was a dolphin, which had been following unknown to them that struck the boat. They swam to the shore and collapsed in exhaustion on the beach to the amazement of the tribesmen.


The tribesmen were dressed in rags and their faces were hidden behind scary masks. From where the boys were lying the men looked ten feet tall. The three boys were terrified and were trembling with fear because they didn’t know what would happen next. Then they began to move backwards like a spider as they pushed their legs into the sand. Suddenly they backed into another group of warriors. They felt surrounded by horror on all sides.


The chiefs of the two tribes said “Hocha” Hocha (Stop). Then one of the chiefs pulled out a bloody knife and aimed it at George. But George rolled. The chief missed him by centimeter s. But then they changed their strategy and grabbed the boys violently and took them to a volcano with a huge crater on top. They dropped them in. But then Mark grabbed onto a lava branch. George grabbed a hold of Mark’s foot and David landed on a rock. The boys need to act fast. The heat from the volcano is burning their skin. And the bubbling molten lava is spitting poisonous fumes and the boys are gasping for air. George grabs a piece of rope from his backpack. He throws it high in the air and it loops a very strong branch. He hauls himself up and George and Mark made it to the top. David’s rock is cracking with heat so they have to act quickly.  


Immediately George grabs the rope ties it around his waists, gives one end to Mark, ties the rope to a tree. Quickly George hears his friend squealing with pain and abseils down to rescue him.  As George abseils down his feet hit a huge jagged rock. Suddenly the rock cracks and a passage opens and both David and George tumble in. They are both totally amazed, it is a secret passage. It is cooler in there than in the volcano crater. They shout to Mark, who is still on top, to come down as they have found a secret passage. The lava is beginning to rise, Mark is terrified that the lava will reach him before he reaches his friends. As Mark is climbing down, the lava is rising up and bubbling. Mark comes very close to the lava but just reaches the secret passage in time. The boys are so relieved. Straight away they push a gigantic rock over the entrance - they are now safe from the volcano. They turn around and to their amazement they see all kinds of jewels and treasures and gold. They fill up their backpacks and pockets to the brim. Next they must find a way out. They follow the passage, which looks like a maze. After several minutes they see light. They follow the light and reach a crack about three meters long. They must try to squeeze out. First they throw out their rucksacks and then they squeeze their way out. Poor George has trouble, as he is the biggest of the boys. They jump and shout with delight, they can hardly believe they have survived. They look around them to where the tribesmen had been, the volcano had erupted and all that was left there was a red river of lava. They looked to the other side and they could see the sea. Luckily for them there was a boat there. They jumped into it as quickly as they could and began sailing for home. Later they saw their home in the distance. As they drew nearer they see it is getting dark and their parents are waiting for them on the harbour. When they get there they hop off as quickly as they can and run to their parents and hug them. They know in their own minds they have a lot of explaining to do, but one thing is for sure, they never went back to the island in the midst again.