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Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

START: From Portroe National School


There once was a farmer called Mr. Lock Stockman.  He had a farm on which he grew lots and lots of vegetables.  But he had one problem.  A rodent called Rocky Foxy.  Every time I saw him he was gone by the time I got my shotgun.  Rocky Foxy was a clever fox because when I went in he would come back and just stuff himself silly.  One morning I set some traps for that tricky fox.  After a while a trap went off.  I ran through the fields forgetting about all the other traps.  Then suddenly a rope caught my leg and I was caught.  My plan had backfired.  I was stuck there watching Rocky eat my entire stock.  After a while I got free.  I started immediately on planning on how to get Rocky.  I went to the gym everyday and I practised my shooting skills.  Soon I was ready.  I hid in a bush near the fox's den.  I waited all night until I heard a sound.  I quietly turned to see what the sound was.  It was Rocky.  I loaded my shotgun and aimed it at the fox.  I put my finger around the trigger and pulled ……………………………….


Ending by Toomevara NS

I put my finger around the trigger and pulled it- pulled it- stronger and stronger, but alas, the trigger would not pull!  I tried it again and again, this time with more desperation, Rocky foxy just could not escape again.  Just then, a queasy sound came from the bushes behind me, I turned anxiously around, ran swiftly in the direction of this anxious sound, there it was, a new born lamb, calling for help, while his mother tried to give birth to his little brother.  Suddenly Rocky foxy was no longer so important.  This little fellow needed help and I were the only one could give it.  I left down the gun, and looking over my shoulder I saw a sneaky fox run off- into the night. 


Ending by Ballina N.S.

Bang! !!! the smell of gun powder filled the air. I walked over to the fox. He was about a metre away from where I had shot him. He must have been trying to escape. His leg was shot. It was covered in blood. I felt very bad for what I had done. I wrapped my handkerchief around the fox’s leg. I took it to the animal hospital.

‘Well , he’s going to need a new leg,” the vet replied.

For a few months I looked after the fox. I made him a bed with some blankets. I fed him and cared for him. Some months later the time to let him go came. I brought him to the forest. I let him go. I was a bit sad. I had got used to him. A few months later I forgot all about him.


Ending by  Ballinahinch N.S.

Backfire! Luckily, I was wearing my first price medal which I won for shooting it was very very big (I was using a shotgun after all) but the fox managed to get away. Now Mr. Loch Stockman was very annoyed. He ran to his shed and grabbed his M-16s. He drove his Vietnam army jeep around to the corner and he ran back to the shed and grabbed all his old Vietnam gear and put it in the back of the jeep. After a few days tracking the fox down he found his den. He planted dynamite and some timed explosives around the den. Mr. Lock Stockman ran to a nearby rock, blocked his ears and pushed the detonator.

 KAAABOOOOOM!!! Rocks went flying. After a couple of minutes he saw the fox beside him! He grabbed an M-16 and blew him to kingdom come. But the fox that he blows to kingdom come didn't have a massive white spot on his back. He got his other M-16, saw the fox running down the road and blew the life out of him. He picked him up and stuffed him. People say that Rocky Foxy is still over Mr. Lock Stockman's fireplace.


Ending  by Rearcross N.S.

 I was surprised when I saw the fox run away alive. I had missed by around 2 inches. For some reason he didn’t run into his den. He ran out of the farm and I ran after him. I discharged pellets as I gained on him. I became tired and couldn’t run anymore. I stopped and looked around to find my location. I saw a chicken farm with a lot of chickens in it. I also saw a familiar fox attacking the chickens. Yes, it was rocky foxy. He seemed to be more satisfied there. “This means he might not disturb my farm again”, I thought to myself. I went home as happy as could be and I never saw that fox again.