The Role of ICT as a Support To Learning  


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Childrens Work

Review of Numbershark.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division are all very comprehensively covered in Numbershark.

ADDITION:  The sorting and counting games on all levels are quite good.

The abacus problems are a major help.

The place value cards are very useful for hundreds tens and units.

Card games (Snap and Matching Pairs) are also good for tables, estimation etc.

However, I believe that Rods is by far the most useful game in this section.

SUBTRACTION:  Again the sorting counting and fit in games are very good.

The card games are fun (and of course educational).

Once more Rods gives a very clear concept picture to children.

The balance game is also very helpful.

MULTIPLICATION:  Perhaps it was because I didn’t spend enough time at it but I did not find the pattern topic to be of much use.

The card games again are good.

The formal sums are very well done.  However it took quite a while to work out how to do them on the computer!

‘Carrying’ is very well covered and is simple enough for children to understand.

DIVISION:  I found it unusual to find short division done in the long division mode.  However it seems a good idea and probably makes sense as there is a very gradual build up.

Throughout this section again estimation is used extensively and pupils are given numerous opportunities to improve their skills.

Tim Boland

Toomevara N.S