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WordShark Evaluation

I found the three card games to be the most suitable starting point.  Children take to them instantly and the words are being constantly spoken and printed on the screen.

The moving words and the sharks are also very popular but the child really needs to be able to spell the word list before attempting sharks.

The finding section is god and I feel that the jigsaw words can be quite a challenge to some pupils.  However finding by shape can create problems and needs explanation.

The animal and letter maze are also quite popular.  

Very few games are available at higher levels and I would consider this a drawback.

In the alphabet section, the first game “Alphabet” is a big winner even with older children.  Bombs and fish are also quite good.

Sentence games have shown to be least popular not only with pupils but also with the teacher!  There isn’t the same level of fun as with many of the other games and also the choice of sentences is very limited.

Overall Wordshark is excellent. The “gambling games” at the end of each section are eagerly sought after.  The amount of work on the disk is mindboggling.  I have rarely found it necessary to progress beyond level one.

The program however seems quite intimidating and I found class teachers reluctant to use it with needy pupils.  In an effort to rectify this I have installed it on class computers with an icon on the desktop and word lists organised.  It is then possible to access Wordshark in three clicks:  Icon, Sprite, Name.

Tim Boland

Toomevara N.S.