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What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is defined as learning while at a distance from one's teacher, usually with the help of packaged learning materials. The learners are separated from their teachers in time and space but are still being guided by them.

Due to advances in technology the differences between innovative classroom teaching and distance learning or E-learning are becoming more blurred. What were formally considered totally different forms of learning are now converging together.


Who needs Distance Education?

For this project the target group were the children from the Circus and Fairground families and their teachers. Other groups likely to benefit from distance education programmes could include the following.

Children who are in long term hospital care or housebound for health reasons.
Children who live in rural isolation and are long distances from schools.
Children living in our coastal islands.

Specialised teachers who need to avail of professional courses but are too geographically disparate to make the running of such courses financially feasible.
Teachers who find the attendance at professional courses not suitable for work, personal or health considerations but may find the flexibility of distance education more suited to their needs.