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EFECOT's mission is to optimise the education of occupational travellers in Europe. The main groups of occupational travellers are bargee communities circus communities fairground communities seasonal workers. EFECOT activities are carried out with the support of the European Commission.
The Site of Open University contains wealth of material on distance education including courses which lead to professional qualifications.
Riverdeep, an Irish Technology Company, puts content correlated to US national and state curriculum standards, onto the web for middle and high school students to try and improve educational standards. Many similar companies are now in the business of developing e-learning content through he web.
Yahooligans Site contains a child friendly search engine suitable for children working on their own or trying to locate information on the net.
Australia leads the world in the area of distance education. The Alice Springs School of the Air is a primary aged correspondence school that utilises various communications technologies to have daily contact with students, home tutors and teachers.
Charters Towers School of Distance Education provides quality education to children who for many reasons need access to an individualised program. As well as bringing school to those who live in remote areas, we provide education to students who are: Travelling, living Overseas, Approved, Medical enrolments, Secondary School Based, Adult Education or Home Schoolers.