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Distance Learning Manual: To train teachers in the use of computers, a distance training manual was designed. The manual included the following five modules: Basic computer skills, Word-processing, Email and Internet Multimedia and Distance Education Readings.
Click Here to Download Distance Learning Manual.


School to School Project Booklets:
Partner schools worked in twos on email projects. This work was formally put together by recording and subsequently editing pupils' emails to produce a booklet. Pupil profiles, pupils shared stories and pupils poetry.
Click Here to Download Email profiles Booklet.l.

Partner schools again collaboratd to form stories. Using email, one school did the 'stary start' and then the other school replied by email with the 'story end'.
Click Here to Download Shared Stories Booklet2.

All schools got pupils to compose limericks, poetry, and verse and the completed work of all schools forms the basis for this booklet.
Click Here to Download Poetry Booklet3.


Software Reviews: This booklet was produced after schools were given software titles to use over a three month period. The reviews were written by teachers based on the experiences of using the software with their classes. In some cases, the actual reviews were written by the pupuls.
Click Here to Download Software Reviews Booklet4.


Copies of the above are also available from the NCTE.