The Classroom


The classrooms were all connected to the network with two points available in each room. Additional power points had to be fitted in each room to allow for the extra computers and monitors. An NC was deployed to each room and connected to the main server. The entire range of software in the school is available in each room via these NCs.

These computers are very suitable for classroom use because they are totally silent running - no fan noise! They are also very economical in relation to consumption of electricity. They are usually left in a switched-on state all day with instant access to software by just switching on the monitor.

Each of these NCs allow access to the Internet using the server and Internet Explorer and Email using Outlook. Every teacher has their own personal Email address and mailbox that is totally private and available from any login point on the network. All printing is catered for directly to the main network printer in the computer room and children then go to collect their printed work.