Expected Project Outcomes

St Helen's will have ease of management of a very sophisticated system that should:
1. Last well in to the next century.
2. Have as one of the main benefits the total networking of the school.
3. Make the software, internet and printing facilities available to all classes.
4. Create a ratio of one computer per child in our New Computer Room.
5. Give access to E-Mail for all the children.

The project will contribute to the Irish Educational System by:
1. Acting as flagship model of the usage of I.C.T. in a Primary School setting, with wide-spread access to all resources.
2. Evaluating of Fat Server/ Thin Client Architecture in a Real School environment.
3. Providing a training centre for N.C.T.E., Department of Education and Education Centres when required. In addition this project will offer direction in policy formation in the area of ICT infrastructural developments in the Irish Education System.

Technologies to be used:
1. Network Computers (NCs).
2. Windows NT4 Terminal Server Edition.
3. Citrix metaframe Software.
4. Topcat Software from Microlynx.
5. Internet Access via I.S.D.N.