The Server Room


The Server room is the power house of the entire network in the school. It was partitioned off from the rest of the computer room, including a locked door for the safety and security of the main server. This is very important when using Citrix and Thin Clients because of the critical role of the server in delivering computing services.

Our 94 network points from around the school terminate here in the Comms Cabinet with "Patch Panels" and "Hubs" (on the right of the picture). The server room also houses our Internet and Mail Server - a Networks CX box, as well as our 28 CD Serve box. There is also a filing area for manuals and CDs to keep them secure and available to the computer room. Software licences are not kept in this area but in a much more secure locked filing cabinet.

Finally, there is a high quality colour inkjet printer that is only available to the teachers over the network