Staff Development


A special 10 week staff development course was designed to familiarise the staff with all the new technology that they were now facing. They were shown how to reset the NC and how to Logon to the network with Username and Password. With full Internet access available to each user on demand, a large section of the course was devoted to demonstrating best usage of the web.

Each teacher has their own personal Email address at the school Domain ( and a part of the course was used to show them how to manage this account using MS Outlook. Their Email accounts are available to the teachers from any workstation on the network. This facility has been a great motivator for the staff and has greatly increased their usage of computers both in class and on a personal basis. A DTP program for children called Textease was demonstrated also and this would be our main writing and publishing program. We have also made 2 digital cameras available to the staff and children for project work.