Project Summary

The project has a duration of 18 months and will consist of:

1. A large-scale evaluation of the Thin Client Concept of computing for delivering ICT with widespread access within an Irish Primary School setting. The evaluation will be both of architecture involved and also the pedagogic results of such access.

2. An evaluation of the performance of a range of software titles in terms of their pedagogic value and their performance across a large network running Windows NT 4 Terminal Server

3. An evaluation of the effect on teaching methodology of widespread access to email and internet and educational software in an Irish Primary classroom

It is expected that the system will prove to be very economical in terms of Total Cost of Ownership and much easier to manage for school environments. Furthermore this project will act as a test case of thin client computing in Irish schools generally and will make a contribution to the debate on future proofing computer facilities in the Irish education system. Finally, it is expected that a clear picture of how a range of curricular software can be integrated into teaching and learning and that the weaknesses and strengths of the various packages will be identified.

The Project Team Name Details:
Seamus Knox -National Coordinator SIP
Tom McFadden - Project Manager /ICT Co-ordinator
Carol Darby - Microsoft Ireland Ltd.
Paul Callan - Network Infrastructure
John McCarthy - Citrix Advisor and Trainer
Fergus Agnew - Hardware Installation and Configuration
John Kelly - Staff Liaison / Board of Management
Bill Lowe - Principal and Financial Controller
Siobhan Kelly - Software Research and Evaluation Project Goals

Children will be made more aware of the Information Age and how to access and use this information in their schoolwork and for the future, through the total networking of the school, which will allow access to all of the I.C.T. Services including Intranet, E-Mail and applications. The children in St Helen's will be introduced to a wide range of educational software titles across the various curricular areas.

Project Objectives
1. To evaluate and trial the usage of the Fat Server/Thin Client Architecture in a classroom environment for the provision of I.C.T. facilities to 35 users.

2. Widespread access to the Internet and E-Mail for all children.

3. To develop and nurture greater staff expertise in relation to new set-up.

4. Create a Website detailing the results of our trial.

5. To evaluate selected educational software titles

6. To develope pedagogic approaches to using this software

Proposed Project Activities
1. Creation and installation of New Server and Network.

2. Extending Network access to all classrooms, meeting rooms, office and staffroom.

3. Staff Training and support with regard to our new system.

4. To record in word and photographs the details involved in the creation of our Networked System and to commit such details to HTML format.