The Increased Usage


The previous system in our school had been quite slow and not capable of handling the Internet. It had been a peer to peer network with file sharing and common printing but entirely confined within one small ancillary room in the administration area of the school. It was very badly ventilated with only two small windows and barely enough room for a class of children. With only 11 computers in the room it was always a question of sharing a computer among either 2 or 3 children. This situation was far from ideal and did little to encourage usage among the staff.

The new system had great space in the computer room, gas filled swivel chairs, a workstation for each child and instant printing from all machines. There is full Internet access on each NC at all times and a full blown workstation with a scanner attached in the main computer room. The result has been a huge increase in the use of computers by children and teachers alike. Even those who were sceptical with the old system now bring their classes and make very good educational use of the software provided.