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Dublin Inner-city Schools Computerisation Project

(SIP 046)

Dublin Inner-city Schools Computerisation Project


D.I.S.C. is an initiative of the Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin Inner City Partnership, Department of Education and Science through the National Centre for Technology in Education, Fujitsu Siemens Computers (Phase 1), Hewlwtt Packard (Phase 2) and 40 inner-city disadvantaged status schools (31 primary and 9 post-primary).The official launch of the project took place in February 1999 by An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern TD and Michael Mairtin Minister for Ed. & Sc. TD


Aims & Objectives:

(a) To implement a co-ordinated structured programme for the upgrading of inner-city disadvantaged primary and secondary schools to high spec. multimedia computer capacity with peripherals.

(b) To develop and implement a relevant teacher training programme in the use of ICT`s for current and future curriculum needs.

(c) To locate and evaluate appropriate educational software.

(d) To develop a series of programmes to engage students and teachers in the integration of ICT`s into the curriculum.

(e) To provide ongoing administrative, software and technical support.

Target Group:

40 inner-city disadvantaged schools (31 primary, 9 post-primary) with approximately 7,000young people and 600 teachers.

Achievements to Date:

Establishment of 4 resource centres during Phase 1 of the project. These schools are equipped with state of the art computers, printers, scanners and televisions. The schools are used for teacher training and also as a resource for adult training and education in the community.

Each school received approximately eight pieces of educational software covering a wide range of subjects. Evaluations of the software can be seen on the website.

Each school received web design software and a result a number of schools have created websites.

A large number (approx. 450) teachers have availed of training courses. Teachers who completed Introductory Phase 1 and 2 IT2000 received a joint certificate from The Dublin Institute of Technology and The University of Limerick in Continuning Professional Development. 245 certificates were issued in this section.

Courses offered include:

Introductory Phase 1 & 2 IT2000 - primary and post-primary
Network Management
ICT`s in the Primary Curriculum
Website Design
Basic Troubleshooting
Intel Teach to the Future


Hewlett Packard are currently in the process of upgrading 4 schools in Phase 2 to resource school standard with 15 computers which will be networked, 2 printers, scanner and digital camera.


Due to the work achieved to date the D.I.S.C. Project received a Highly Commended Entry Award at The 2000 Living Guinness Dublin Awards in the Community Development Category.

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