Lesson: Teaching numbers to those with little or no English.

1) That through their first language the students will learn to count to 20 in English.

2) That the students will recognise the sound of each number in English.

3) That on hearing a number the students will be able to identify it visually.

Materials/Resources: Software - Talk Now! Learn English

System used must be Apple Macintosh or Windows Compatible with a microphone. An A3 sheet of
paper with the digits 0-20 written clearly on it.

1. Using the Talk Now! software the student chooses their first language from a list available and
programmes in their name

2. The student is shown how to enter the numbers segment by clicking on a wheel. Five options
become available and the student chooses the 'Word Practice' option.

3. The digits 0-20 are displayed on the top of the screen and the student will hear each number spoken
by clicking on it. This is repeated as often as is necessary.

4. By clicking on the exit arrow the student returns to the five options available. By choosing 'Speaking Practice'
the student is given the opportunity to record and listen to himself or herself saying the numbers.

5. The teacher counts with the student whilst pointing at the numbers on the A3 size sheet and then checks
to see how far the student can count on their own.

6. Returning to the options click on 'Easy Game'. This involves a board divided into four quadrants each
containing a number. One of the numbers is called and the student must register what they have heard by
clicking on the number. Points are awarded each time the student chooses correctly, which means that the
student knows immediately if they have gone wrong.

Follow up Exercises:
Using the 'Print Picture Dictionary' the student has the digits 0-20 with the words written underneath in both
their own language and English. The students should use this to help them find digits and written numbers in
newspapers and magazines. Also they should be given pictures with groups of items that they will first count
and then number.

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