Title: Multimedia Flashcards Learn English

Publisher: Eurotalk

Age Range: Primary

Curriculum Area: English reading

Year of Publication: 1998

I found this an excellent programme for use as teaching English as a foreign language. It covers basic
language requirements such as colours, plurals, professions, actions, positions, places etc. Younger
children would need an adult to help them but the program is relatively easy to follow and would be
suitable for use alone by older primary school children. There is a range of different languages and the
presentation is colourful and interesting.

Overview of Teaching with this Title:
The program can be used to teach English as a foreign language. Its big plus is the fact that it talks to
children in their own language. There is a need for children to be able to read their own language; it
would ideally be used by an individual child with earphones and a microphone available. It would be
difficult to use in a classroom setting as the child speaks into the computer and the program is based
on a look/say format.

The program is divided into three sections.
1. LEARN: this contains various topics e.g. Colours, professions where the user points to a picture
and is given the English word, the sound is Clear, the word can be repeated as often as one requires, the
illustrations are bright and interesting.
2. GAMES: with three levels of difficulty for each. (A) Identify the pictures. (B) Matching pairs.
(C) Against the clock. The programs allow you to try again, if you're wrong and will repeat the word
as often as you want.
3. RECORD: here the user chooses from a range of topics and can record their own voice onto the
computer. The finished product is presented as a film starring the child's voice.

Design and Navigation:
For each section you can click on the flower in the corner for help. A tiger character explains the section
while a bumble - bee shows you what icons to click on. Because it speaks to the children in their own
language this is easy to follow. A younger child who doesn't have good computer skills would need adult
help. You can record your name and score and return to this. Certificates can be printed out in the game

Installation and Use:
The program auto-loads. It started reasonably quickly and responded quickly to input from the child.

Supporting Documentation:
There is no supporting documentation with this program. I had to run it myself to find out what it contained, a teacher would have to design suitable exercises to accompany it.
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