Title: Thinkin Things 2

Publisher: Edmark

Age Range: 6-12 years old

Curriculum Area: Music, Maths, Art, and Science


Main menu offers a choice of five learning activities.
1. Fripple Teation : a concentration game with either a visual of auditory approach.
2. Oranga Banga's Band: a musical program that allows the creation of rhythmic patterns.
3. Toony's Tunes: allows the creation of original songs, along with the opportunity to listen and learn familiar tunes.
4. 2-3 D Blox: allows the creation and mapping of 2 dimensional pictures onto 3 dimensional shapes.
5. Snake Blox: allows the creation of an animated piece of art.

Overview of Teaching with this Title:
This software title would support Music, Art, Maths and Science in the curriculum and would be useful
for special needs students. It would help strengthen observation skills, encourage visual creativity,
strengthen auditory memory and develop creativity and musicality. This title may contribute to the
learning scenario with regards to music and art. This product would be best used by an individual
or small group.

This software is not culturally, gender or racially biased. It has multiple levels of difficulty and challenge,
and explores visual, aural and linguistic aspects of learning.

Design and Navigation:
On screen help is not available at all times, but the program is relatively straight forward, although reading
the documentation is needed. Moving between menu options is simple and individuals work can be saved for
future reference.

Installation and Use:
The product has auto - load and takes less than a minute to load. It also has a good response time for a child.

Supporting Documentation:
The documentation is clearly separated into elements that deal with the running of the software.
Loading and operating instructions are very clear and there is sufficient information given to enable
the user to know what the software does. There are several resources provided for use with pupils.
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